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below-along with some of the world's greatest essays and speeches ever composed by these British and American literary treasures. 12 "Something About Polk The New Yorker, August 8, 1936,. 29 "Pepper for the Belgians The New Yorker, December 18, 1937,. The New Yorker, February 29, 1936,. 15 The Talk of the Town, "Rural Free Delivery The New Yorker, October 24, 1936,.

105 Greatest Living Authors Present the World s Best Stories, Humor, Drama, Biography, History, Essays, Poetry By Whit Burnett Dial Press, 1950.
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Although Thurber did n ot receive much education, he had a talent of hiding the themes of his stories.

Robert Benchley (1889-1945 the writings of American humorist, actor and drama critic Robert Benchley are considered his best achievement. The New Yorker, August 24, 1935,. 21 "Let Your Mind Alone-V; Anodynes for Anxieties The New Yorker, January 30, 1937,. Remember Laughter: A Life of James Thurber. The Plumber : "The plumber is doubtless aware that he is odious. The Subjunctive Mood : "Husbands are suspicious of all subjunctives. 7 drawings, June 17, 1939,. 13 The Talk of the Town, "Domestic Incident The New Yorker, August 8, 1936,.

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Windom won an Emmy as well. Henry Fonda and, olivia de Havilland. 28 "Further Fables For Our Time The New Yorker, June 23, 1956,. 11 "Bateman Comes Home The New Yorker, March 28, 1936,. 11, 1939) Renewal R383613 "Excelsior The New Yorker, March 11, 1939,. White and Thurber shared an office. 19, 1939) Renewal R398151 "Fables For Our Timer VI The New Yorker, August 26, 1939,.

In the essay, University Days James Thurber does a sensational job keeping.
Although Thurber did not receive much education, he had a talent of hiding the.
The author of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and the creator of numer ous New Yorker magazine cover cartoons, James Thurber was born in Columbus, Ohio.
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Essays on Dignity, The New Yorker, January 4, 1936,.