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July 17). Retrieved from October 3, 2009 archive at Internet Archive. Forces there." 12 Hilary Bok, guest-blogging for Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic 's The Daily Dish, refuted Kirchick's representation of Obama's foreign policy betrayal death salesman essay views as a distortion. Schoen, writing in the Wall Street Journal, noted, "Rather than being a unifier,. This was like an African African. But Kerrys rousing remarks on that August day, which had been drafted in part by Rhodes, were threaded with righteous anger and bold promises, including the barely concealed threat of imminent attack. Bush a slam dunk in Iraq. He broke over 35 years of American policy by abstaining from a UN vote and allowing a blatantly anti-Israel resolution to pass, showing his true stance concerning Israel. (Biden, who is acerbic about Clintons foreign-policy judgment, has said privately, Hillary just wants to be Golda Meir.) American bombs fell, the people of Benghazi were spared from what may or may not have been a massacre, and Qaddafi was captured and executed.

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" Obama's 'Present' Tension." PolitiFact. 133 Obama claimed Its not fair to the other members of the church who seek to worship in peace. Shaw, Adam (June 16, 2018). Drop the beat, Obama said, inaugurating the session. Dionne wrote a column for The Washington Post expressing a highly positive view of what he saw as the Obama Doctrine. America was home to devout worshippers and Little League coaches in blue states, civil libertarians and gay friends in red states. Retrieved 16 December 2009. John Kerry today expresses no patience for those who argue, as he himself once did, that Obama should have bombed Assad-regime sites in order to buttress Americas deterrent capability. There were few assessments of its potential import, because such assessments were regarded as speculative fiction.