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image collections for the task of reconstructing 3D objects. Finally, in Chapter 4, we present Learnt Stereo Machines (LSM an end-to- end learnt framework using convolutional neural networks, which unifies a number of paradigms in 3D object reconstruction- single and multi-view reconstruction, coarse and dense outputs and geometric and semantic reasoning. D 2017 8 December 12 @ UCB/eecs-2017-199, u ml, f Kar:eecs). December 12, 2017 ever since the dawn of computer vision, 3D reconstruction has been a core problem, inspiring early seminal works and leading to numerous real world applications. Abhishek Kar, eECS Department, university of California, Berkeley, technical Report.

EndNote citation: 0 Thesis, a Kar, Abhishek, t Learning to Reconstruct 3D Objects. I eecs Department, University of California, Berkeley. In Chapter 2, we present a system that is able to learn intra-category regularities in object shapes by building category-specific deformable 3D models from 2D recognition datasets enabling fully automatic single view 3D reconstruction for novel instances.

Advisor: Jitendra Malik, bibTeX citation: @phdthesisKar:eecs-2017-199, Author Kar, Abhishek, Title Learning to Reconstruct 3D Objects, School eecs Department, University of California, Berkeley, Year 2017, Month Dec, URL ml, Number UCB/eecs-2017-199, Abstract Ever since the dawn of computer vision, 3D reconstruction has been a core problem. In Chapter 3, we demonstrate how predicting the amodal extent of objects in images and reasoning about their co-occurrences can help us infer their real world heights. Much recent progress in the field however, has been driven by visual recognition systems powered by statistical learning techniques - more recently with deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs). We will conclude with several promising future directions for learning based 3D reconstruction. Full 3D Reconstruction From Multiple RGB-D Cameras. A thesis submi tted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree. Tridimensionnels par stereo-correlation d images, PhD thesis. Reconstruction: application to the measure of 3D deformations on sheet metal.

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