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a noteworthy attempt to address the educational needs of the local community. I have more questions than answers. Its an unusual spot of optimism in the inequality discussion. What particularly worries Piketty is the long-term effect of this concentration of wealth. While students should be wary of the legitimacy of some of the content they read online, many schools use software like the Encyclopedia Britannica to help students do research. For example, Palo Alto High School is a fine school. Stay in School The exploding wealth of the very rich is only one part of the story of inequality.

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In Britain and France the overall rise of inequality is less dramatic, but in those countries something else is happening that could be even more worrisome: accumulated wealth, much of it inherited, is returning to relative levels not seen since before the First World War. Yet it quickly rose to the top of best-seller lists this spring and remained on them for months. But the numbers back up first impressions. Why is this going on? But a good place to start is by asking what the problem is and why we care. But at least in the United States, redistribution is a dirty word in almost any political setting. Twenty minutes away in San Jose, the largest city in the Valley, a camp of homeless people known as the Junglereputed to be the largest in the countryhas taken root along a creek within walking distance of Adobes headquarters and the gleaming, ultramodern city hall. The desire to understand why inequality seems to be reaching such troubling levels no doubt accounts for the remarkable success this year of the French academic economist Thomas Pikettys. Ladder or no ladder, the college provides a fleeting opportunity for those students to at least get within striking distance of the elusive jobs in the knowledge economy that dominates the area. But this is not all.

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