gender gap in health and survivals research papers

Latin America and the Caribbean and Eastern Europe and Central Asia are virtually tied at a remaining gender gap of exactly 30 each. All regional and global statistics are weighted using post-sample stratification weights. Using the WHO (Rose) angina questionnaire in cardiovascular epidemiology.

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Ann Rev Public Health. The proposed explanations for the health-survival paradox are rooted in biological, social and psychological interpretations. View Article PubMed Google Scholar Moussavi S, Chatterji S, Verdes E, Tandon A, Patel V, Ustun. An individual-level analysis of self-reported health by gender of the World Health Survey also showed that some of the differences between women and men could be attributed to social determinants, mostly employment levels. In general, regional patterns in the self-reported health gap between the sexes were also remarkably similar. The largest female excess fractions were observed for the countries in the Latin America and South Asia regions as well as in the group Other. The inverse of the score obtained from the model was transformed to a scale ranging from 0 (best) to 100 (worst) called the poor-health score in this paper. Download a data set for 2016 data of the Global Gender Gap report. Figure 2 shows the female excess fraction in self-reported health if there was no chronic condition; any chronic condition; but no depression, and any chronic condition including depression. Diagnostic and Research Criteria. Aging Clin Exp Res. Informed consent was obtained in all surveys.

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gender gap in health and survivals research papers