approaches and research methods in psychology past papers

applications. On the other hand in the therapy derived from the approach (CBT) it argues that we can change the way we think. Qualitative psychological research is where the research findings are not arrived at by statistical or other quantitative procedures. Idiographic Vs nomothetic It is nomothetic approach as it focuses on establishing theories on information processing that apply to all people. Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences. The bell had become the conditioned stimulus and salivation had become the conditioned response. It sees people as passive in their learning with little conscious thoughts influencing their behavior; other approaches recognise the importance of mental events in the learning process. However the cognitive approach is less deterministic than the learning approach as although it argues that our thinking is limited by the way we process information it does not deny the influence of moral values and social norms. Then the children were taken individually in a room containing a bobo doll, non-aggressive toys like pencils and plastic farm animals and aggressive toys like a hammer and a pistol. The direction may be positive (both variables both increase or decrease together negative (one variable increases while the other decreases) or unrelated (a random relationship between variables). Holism Vs reductionism The psychodynamic approach is determinist as it rejects the idea of free will.

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Approaches and research methods in psychology past papers
approaches and research methods in psychology past papers

Evaluation (AO3) The concepts of Id, ego and superego are very abstract and difficult to test experimentally so evidence is obtained from case studies (Little Hans and Anna O). A wide range of research methods are used in psychology. Defense Mechanisms (AO1) Repression : Is used by the ego to keep disturbing memories out of the conscious mind and in the unconscious hypothesis statement in masters thesis mind where they cannot be accessed,.g. In the example above, the dependent variable would be memory and better recollection of words). Dependent variable variable that depends on the effect of the independent variable (eg.

Furthermore, it measures observable behaviors, therefore no interpretations is required therefore the data is objective. They are based on our previous experience. The individual is not seen as responsible for their disorders however as the conflicts which lead to the disorder are unconscious there is nothing they can do about it without an analyst, they are disempowered.