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a belief system that did not change as the realities of the Great Depression set. Some policies, like the Hawley-Smoot Tariff bill that Hoover signed, retarded growth and recovery by raising tariffs (especially on agricultural products) and stifling international trade. Hoover in Perspective, hoover's reputation has risen over the years. Your friend does not need to send an exchange.

(credit: Library of Congress). Often referred to as the Ford Hunger March, the event unfolded as a planned demonstration among unemployed Ford workers who, to protest their desperate situation, marched nine miles from Detroit to the companys River Rouge plant in Dearborn. Americans did not necessarily believe that Hoover caused the Great Depression. Hoover expressed fear of radical change to our economic system. I fear first the "left" and then when the great middle class (80 of America) realizes its ruin, it will drive into some American interpretation of Hitler or Mussolini. Hoover was one of only two presidents to reject his salary for the office he held. Hoovers opponents painted him as uncaring toward the common citizen, even though he was in fact a philanthropist and a progressive before becoming president. But the programs were small in scale and highly specific as to who could benefit, and they only touched a small percentage of those in need. Emmerson, July 10, 1931. In fact, of the first 61 million loaned, 41 million went to just three banks. Instead, it assisted state and private relief agencies, such as the Red Cross, Salvation Army, ymca, and Community Chest. The country is going sour on the New Deal, despite the heroic efforts of the Press.