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we as a society have evolved and changed. The problem resides in the decision making process that is used to increase diversity in these places. . Affirmative action has been the topic of debate for many years. For instance, what if someone loses out on the job position he or she deserved because this person is a part of the majority? However, although the objectives are strictly focused on helping the underrepresented, they do not seem to mention anything about not interfering with the rest of the worlds advancement in schools and work force. At this before you go, "How to Get an A on Every, essay and Research Paper That You g 15, 2017. Their views of affirmative action are often very different than those of people who get the worst end of the bargain.

As an advocate of affirmative action, Sterba obviously disagrees with these two arguments and attempts to argue his point of view in affirmative actions defense. . The second and eighth objections that Sterba disagrees with in his writing are, in fact, good arguments against affirmative action. . In other words, by creating a strong education foundation in low-income areas, we can stop focusing on race and allow a rewarding educational system to benefit society as a whole.

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If funding is increased to an entire school which educates two-thousand people, then two-thousand students will benefit from this. . Affirmative action is an overarching term that refers to the way schools and businesses select employees and students. Maybe affirmative action is necessary in come cases, because anyone that is not blind would have to admit that minorities are often underrepresented or simply forgot about. There are many benefits to affirmative action that have supported it in being the fundamental national policy it is today. This is the critical issue with affirmative action today. . Without saying minorities should not get financial aid or scholarships, a person should receive them for their achievements, not because they are a certain race, gender, or from a certain culture. Lerner publications Company, Minneapolis MN, 1993.

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