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applied externally, such as to a cut on the skin s surface, or internally, reaching the bloodstream within the body. Bacitracin is in this category. The penicillin is later extracted.

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In 1941 penicillin was used to treat serious infections. When one is exposed continually to an antibiotic for an illness of long duration (such as rheumatic fever the targeted bacteria may develop its own defense against the drug. Recent studies suggest, however, that many people outgrow their sensitivity or pierre haenecour phd thesis never were allergic. The attack on the pathogens may result in inhibition of growth without killing the pathogen. Such modified antibiotics are called semi-synthetic ones. Antibiotics have enabled the medical profession to treat effectively many infectious diseases, including some that were once life-threatening. This forms a broth that is put into a tank, which is kept at a temperature of 25*C and shaken for more than 100 hours. Some antibiotics are produced from living organisms such as bacteria, fungi, and molds.

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