still i rise by maya angelou analysis essay

may shoot me essay on experience in school with your words, You may cut me with your eyes, You may kill me with your hatefulness, But still, like air, Ill rise. I am richer than the richest because I am brimming with this rebellious energy and you can feel depressed to see me happy unless you really love. That I dance like I've got diamonds. This is a gift from the poets ancestors, the fruit of their struggles. Does my sassiness upset you? It reminds of the pain against which these people have fought to retain their identity and build their destiny. While the poem is emotional in tone and evokes defiant or rather rebellious feelings, it has a larger appeal that is everlasting. Further use of similes also helps to reveal Maya Angelous bold and powerful attitude, for example, when she says, Cause I walk like Ive got oil wells pumping in my living room. They have made past it into a day of glory where freedom awaits them.

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Do not people really hate my free behaviour and the way I laugh over adversities. Lastly, the use of similes in the poem effectively conveys the key idea further. And the natural imagery is far reaching and the voice loud. Homework Help Questions with Expert Answers. In the simile, Just like moons and like sunsstill Ill rise, the poet is comparing herself to the moon and the sun, which are two very powerful things. there's a defiance in the poem as you read through, as if the speaker is trying to prick the conscience of the oppressor, by reminding letter to santa writing paper for kindergarten them of past wrongs and present realities. She will break the negative cycle of the past. In my living room. Rhyming scheme : The rhyming scheme is abcb until the last two stanzas where it changes into abcc and aabb. Does not it surprise and upset you because I know it does. I rise, im a black ocean, leaping and wide, Welling and swelling I bear in the tide. The poet ends her declaration by affirming that no matter what happens, she will continue to rise above history, hate, and bigotry just like her ancestors dreamed would be possible.