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more likely to admit? I like my fourth option, but I don't love. On average, only 25 students are accepted per graduating class. They thought it would be fun! This prompt allows for more creativity; there is no need to be too serious and academic here. But my favorite drink is kombucha. As a college essay coach, I have helped several students successfully apply to USC.

But if there is, I don't know. There may be an actual correct answer here. This one would be a little tricky for me, because I don't really have a role model, so I just started thinking about celebrities, authors and athletes I like. You were introduced to the notion of embracing another countrys environment and using it as a means to gain worldly perspectives. However, that's all it shows. Dont pretend to be someone else and dont be afraid to be yourself. Before picking one, I'd ask myself, "Are there any other foods I really like, that I could say something interesting about?" Quinoa.

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Youve been limited to less than the length of a tweet for each answer, so youd better make every word (and character) count! Does USC offer what youre interested? Even so, 250 words provide plenty of room for a brief introduction, at least one short-body paragraph, and a few sentences to wrap up at the end. Its important to know what USC offers, so you can talk about how those resources and facilities can enable you to achieve your interests or support your studies in a specific field. What I like about my third option is that it's a pretty good summary of who. What special curriculum path do you hope to head down? Favorite fictional character: Harry Potter.