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was already 150 arrests (17). This was the case in Salem. During this time, the young girls (Elizabeth Parris, and Abigail Williams) started having fits. This is so as people strongly believed that Satan was present and active on earth. This might have been why more women were accused and accusers than men. This conjuring took place in the Parris household where Continue Reading Causes of the Salem Witch Craft Trials 2052 Words 9 Pages in Salem Village, and there is no evidence from the time that Tituba practiced Caribbean black magic, yet these trials and executions actually. Ergot grows in certain weather conditions. When it finally died down, the craze soon followed into the colony of Massachusetts Bay. Continue Reading, essay on Salem Witch Trials 1396 Words 6 Pages and follower of Satan. Some of the symptoms include muscle spasms, paranoia, hallucinations, trembling, shaking, and twisting of the neck and body. Nineteen men and women were hanged on grounds of practicing dark magic and making a pact with Satan (in other words, for being witches).

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The present work's aim is to outline Continue Reading Causes of the Salem Witch Trials: Political, Religious and Social 5005 Words 21 Pages Between the months of June to September of 1692, the infamous witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts resulted in the hanging. According to Carol Karlsen, a bibliography writer longtime author of the subject, nineteen people were hanged. Puritans immigrated to the New. The fire inside the Salem Trials needs a fuel, fed to it from the spoon of the stupid, will grown until it burns everything in sight. Some of these events included: a small pox outbreak that. The Salem Witch trials were persecutions of men and woman on account of performing witchcraft. Continue Reading, salem Witch Trials and Thomas Putnam 852 Words 4 Pages is frustrating by his childrend 's dead. Lots of these cases were unjustified and many people were falsely accused of being involved in black magic.

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