i believe everyone deserves a second chance essay

for a reason, which is probably the hopeless optimist inside of me trying to convince myself that bad things happen to good people to make them better. Because no one was ever born empty. There is no excuse for hurting a human being or taking ones life adults are supposed to know what they are doing they should never ever hurt another adult or child. Similarly, your previous romantic partner may have done things that caused you to break up, but when you start with someone new, youre back to square one. So Why Should We Give People Second Chances? Legitimately bad people to exist in this world and even if they do change, sometimes you just have to leave them behind. I believe that we, mankind have reached a point where sever errs is made, it cant be redeemed. Report Post, it depends! But, much of this stems from our willingness to see that in them.

I believe everyone deserves a second chance essay
i believe everyone deserves a second chance essay

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And here is why. Why go back to the same problem and situation again? Do you believe a pedophile or rapist deserves a second chance to go and do it again and ruin a poor little girl or boys life. Especially if it wasn't fixed or solved the first time?! Thats how light gets. Now we get to the reasons forgivenessand the associated willingness to give second chancescan benefit you. Forgiveness ranked eighth overall, beaten out by virtues such as honesty 1 responsibility 2 and loving 3 but it outranked imaginative 17) and obedient 18). And everyone deserves a second chance.

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