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a conflict about national identity. Peter Parker gets to explore his dark side as Venom, for example, but he ultimately comes back around to Spiderman with no real harm to his reputation. He pleads, Pity me in my own right, remember your own father! Your actions were a reflection of your character as well. Fictional heroes are fun. Comments have been disabled on Anthropology in Practice, but you can always join the community. But presently in the US, the discourse unfolding under the current administration is far from congruent. Thus, as they are brought into harmony with this biblical frame of reference, they will gain a new validity which they could not otherwise possibly command." (p. This is particularly relevant because the influence of world leaders rarely stops at their geo-political boundaries. Eventually, the pro-removal forces won, and in 1830 Congress passed the Indian Removal Act by a slim margin.

Thousands of Native men, women, and children died on the difficult trek to a strange new land that became known as Indian Territory (modern-day Oklahoma). The same traits of loyalty, honesty, and compassion are used to tell another story for Chinese children. (And yes, this is already hugely problematic for a hero in todays time but were talking ancient Greece here, so bear with.) Achilles abandons the War to sulk over his loss and leaves Agamemnon to face the Trojans alone. India's Rama, Mesopotamias Gilgamesh, and Persias Arash are a few that come to mind. .

And Achillesonce again moved by pitygrants him the body. I deserve more pity  I have endured what no one on earth has ever done beforeI put to my lips the hands of the man who killed my son.

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Even Chief Justice John Marshall wrote an opinion in an 1832 legal case, Worcester. Theyre guided by compassion. These men played key roles in dictatorships, terrorism, mass murder, and unjust wars. In this book Singer presents an alternative to environmentalist theories of history (such as Marxist economic determinism) and presents a theory of history that sees the theological ideas of the day as vital to the direction of history and culture. This tells us a lot potentially about the reach of ideas and beliefs, and can help flag dominant ideologies. In the historical record, we cast notable men and women into the character molds of hero and villain because it helps tell a story about who we are and what we value. He also brings back the body of the son of the Trojan King, Hector, and lets it sit unattended as a form of repayment for Patrocles' death. The Iliad, but had Achilles been a real man, would his actions be so specifically identified?

Genghis Khan is certainly not a footnote to history, but eight centuries separate us from his actions and his rating by present-day students rendered him an almost neutral figure. The important thing is that they understand the human condition and work toward its betterment.

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