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guide their team effectively with his or her charismatic approach that the team believes they are well supported. Under the domain of care management one must: Demonstrate knowledge of effective inter-professional working practices which respect and utilize the contributions of members of the health and social care team, Delegate duties to others, as appropriate, ensuring that they are supervised and monitored and Demonstrate. During Roses initial admission to A E, the nurse conducted a systematic mini assessment to obtain a rapid outline of Rose from both a visual and physical point of view (The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, 2011). By using certain aspect of time management such as planning and prioritizing, caring out clients care occurs more efficiently. McLernon (2014) questions if the mgcs tool is still fit for purpose, citing reduced reliability due to lack of clinical consistency and poor communication between professionals. However, during the drug round, I kept on going back and forth to the drug cupboard.

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When I was in charge of a bay, I was involved in assessing, delegating and prioritizing patients needs, ensuring tasks such as patient washes, bed change and the drug round (using the seven rights) was completed safely and in an appropriate time. Through learning these specific skills and acquiring the appropriate knowledge, student nurses will be able to perform the role suitable to the position of a qualified staff nurse. In order to succeed in care management, there are many skills one must acquire and build. It is therefore suggested that a remedy of a uniformed approach and concise communication between professionals is essential, to ensure safe theraputic practice. There are three basic steps to time management, first is setting aside time for planning and establishing priorities. Some people are born with an innate leadership quality within them. Normally the annual salary range for the Registered Nurses specializing in delivering case management nursing services is reasonable within every economic range of a nation. By developing skills such as time management one can prepare themselves for the following role transition.