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finish this task on time. This data implies that the employees works comfortably in their workplace area which is practically clean all the time and has good lighting facilities enough to do their task efficiently. On the first item there are fourteen (14).67 who agreed and there are sixteen employees or (53.33) who disagreed. First of all, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our professor in Probability and Statistics, Prof. Quezon city polytechnic university 5 P a g e objectives OF THE study general objectives - To help the workers to work effectively and efficiently by applying proper posture and working positions for them to avoid injuries and accidents on the workplace area. However, they are quite dissatisfied with the seminars which are not implemented on their company conclusion Based on the findings of the study, the researchers conclude that an allowance factor really helps the workers to work productively for them to take enough rest and. 2 Evaluation on Working Positions Disagree Agree. Create a clipboard You just clipped your first slide! There are ten (10) or (33.33)who disagreed and twenty or (66.67) who agreed to the allowance time given helps them to develop their physical and mental capabilities. All in all, the employees must answer nineteen (19) questions about different topics. An article all about correcting working postures in industry shows a practical method for identifying and evaluating poor working postures, ie, the Ovako Working Posture Analyzing System (owas) is presented.

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Jobs are frequently requires awkward posture such as bending or twisting 20.33 Disagree. Most of them are all contented to the safety precautions that may be seen in different areas of the company. Quezon city polytechnic university 17 P a g e graph 1: Evaluation of allowance time given by the company. Quezon city polytechnic university 3 P a g e background OF THE study Althea Retreading Corporation (ARC) started as a dealer only of tires in nce then; they are an enterprising store of brand new and secondhand tires, inner tubes, flaps, rims and other accessories. Quezon city polytechnic university 22 P a g e Graph 6: Evaluation on Ways on how to avoid injuries and accidents The graph shows that there are 30 or 9 persons who are not performing exercises and workouts before doing the job while the remaining. Although the workers dont require such awkward positions and postures, the figures above also revealed that the employees have to work in standing position and must work repetitively inside the workplace area.