history 8 mark essay

to achieve the full eight marks, you must meet the criteria above. This proved to be an positive impact on peoples lives in Scotland because it improved the awful diet that the Scottish people had, which in turn, improved their health as a whole. If you ever progress to Higher, you will find this is mostly the case as well. Lastly, immigration into Scotland had a negative impact on the immigrants because sometimes they were unwelcome and Scots would harass them all the time. Write down as much as you can that springs to mind. When answering these questions, a couple of points you should try to remember are: Worth 8 marks. 6 marks available for knowledge, 2 marks available for structure.

Time you should take to csr social responsibility and carbon footprint essays answer it: 7/8 minutes, other information: State the effect and fully explain it with facts and information. YouTube page to get advice videos on how to answer each type of question. You will be given a choice of two different questions. Extracts from this document. This proved to have a negative impact on peoples lives in Scotland because it gave an impression that Scotland was an unfriendly nation, which put off a lot of people from immigrating to Scotland.read more. Time you should take to answer it: 7/8 minutes, other information: Start with an introduction that summarises the points / causes that you will cover in your answer. You must have at least two, preferably three developed points (It is still possible to get full marks with two points). You can visit Mr Marrs.

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