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of these events with human life. It is true, being eight-teen without a wife and having only three horses, none of which being block horn runners; White Mans Dog does in fact appear unlucky. The Pikunis thought that dreams were a very powerful form of supernatural powers. This refers to the lures that had few individuals abandon their values and move on to a quick-paced life that caused them to reach a stage where they questioned themselves (Welch, 1991, 45-53). The Napikwans, as the Indians called them, were initially thought to be nice and friendly.

He also became great friends with the local many-faces man, Mik-api. As more agreements were made between the Napikwans and the Lone Eaters, the Indians were promised goods to make up for the loss of ranges, as well as some of the white mans money. The Indians did so as a reassurance that they were safe living with the white people. He is at a period in his life where he questions himself in a wistful daze about what he is; he wants to find out what his place is in this world and what is meaningful to him. Fools Crow had done well on the raid despite what happened to his friend. The meaning summary of research paper plan behind it had been stretched greatly out of its real context. In Fools Crow, Fools Crow is the central character. Independence and selfishness are not standards in such communities or tribes, and consequently security results from selfless loyalty towards others in the tribe. James Welch is an author who exhibits the significance of values in tribal life; he shows the audience the ideals that tribal life has as opposed to individuals disposing their families, tribes, and values. In the novel Fools Crow, James Welch uses characterization to enhance the personality of White Mans Dog, and the story follows this eighteen year-old boy through his life as a Blackfoot Indian living in western Montana. In many parts of the world today, you can examine such cultures and see the ways that individuals offer themselves to family and community life.

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Fools Crow goes through many stages in order to find his place in the tribe.
His mentor who helps him see his worth in the tribe is Mik-api, the medicine man.
Mik-apis prayers in the sweat lodge for Fools.
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