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He is nervous and uncomfortable and thinks nothing of leaving without accomplishing what he was sent. When you name characters in your plot summary, list the actors' names directly afterward in parenthesis. If you don't have access to the internet, the credits at the end of the movie are a great place to find the names of certain actors and actresses. Having a thesis will take your review beyond the plot summary stage and into the realm of film criticism, which is rightfully its own art form.

They don't wait to see if he comes in peace. This is where taking notes during the movie really pays off. What effect does it have on the outside world? With every exposure we are purposefully moved further and further away from what may have been our preconceived notions regarding these groups of people. There was no dark political objective. Get Help from Add-ons and Previous Reviews. Did they use digital effects? You then write about why you chose that rating. She later befriends Paulette (Jennifer Coolidge),a manicurist with a huge crush on the mailman. However, thoughtful pieces without numbers are equally common, and are often a better way to give a nuanced review. Make sure to take a lot of peoples opinion on the movie and include it in the review.

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