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man she loves are particularly difficult to keep, under the strain of the situation. In The Odyssey characters who are determined and put in the work always achieve their goal. The first character who shows great determination in this text is Odysseus, who is determined to get home after winning the Trojan war in Troy. Nausikaa's father is shown on his way to the council with other male officials (line 50). This shows her commitment and determination to Odysseus. Once again the suitors become a big problem and annoy Penelope so she tells them that whoever can string Odysseus bow and shoot it through twelve axes, she will marry. These characters have a certain goal that they want to accomplish and each character is determined, so they put in hard work and their outcome is successful. She sends him to the swineherd who fills him in on everything that has happened in Ithaca while he was away. Odysseus shows his great love and determination when goddess Calypso offers him immortality (Book 5) on the condition that he remains on Ogygia as her husband. Penelope has a very complex and interesting character. Penelope's wit is acknowledged in this" from Antinous "For all the Achean beauties of former times, none had at her command such wits as she.

This same distinction of roles is often referred to in the whole poem. Odysseus journey is long and hard and takes him nearly twenty years, but because he is determined he does get home to Ithaca. Odysseus is not the only character in The Odyssey who is determined, his wife Penelope is also very determined.

This makes the suitors leave her alone for a few days and only bother her to bring her presents. Penelope's character is strong and solid, and her personality remains consistent throughout Homer's Odyssey. MegaEssays, "Penelope in the Odyssey. If the suitors ruin all the household's resources, or if one were to successfully persuade her to marry him, she would lose her power position. Page 20, Book 2). We see finally in the Nausikaas short episode, the most important factor a woman must realize. Odysseus does not eat the fruit, so he is still determined to return home. She protects Odysseus because if he had gone straight to the palace as Odysseus, he would likely be killed by the suitors. All the while Odysseus is away; suitors are constantly trying to force Penelope to choose one of them as her new husband.

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