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him a dirty story (a crude ethnic joke) about matrimonial "screwing" like a Chinaman (prolonged intercourse interspersed with interruptions). They introduce Jake to a second client, a woman named "Mrs. I help 'em out. She sends Gittes to look for Hollis at Oak Pass or Stone Canyon Reservoirs, where he frequently wanders during his lunchtimes. Hollis seems to think you're an innocent man.

He finds nothing of interest - bank checks, neatly organized records, a large magnifying glass! Well, it won't hold. While sitting down to some iced tea, Gittes confronts Mrs. Chinatown won four of its seven nominations at the 32nd Annual Golden Globes ceremony: it defeated Coppola's film for the Best Picture-Drama award; Polanski won the Best Director award; Jack Nicholson won the Best Actor in a Leading Role-Drama award; and Robert Towne won the. And believe me, Mrs.

The self-assured, unperturbed Jake understands his agonized pain and commiserates with him, but cooly and detachedly cautions him to stop gnawing on the newly-installed fixtures: All right, Curly, enough's enough. Before Gittes can speak to Hollis Mulwray, he is sarcastically told that he is "welcome to try." The commissioner has unexpectedly and mysteriously drowned in the middle of LA's summer drought. According to Yelburton, Mulvihill's main duty, now that he is employed by the Water and Power Company, is to protect against numerous threats of protesting farmers in the Valley to blow up the city's reservoirs: Well, it's this darn drought. She isn't who she appears to be, but actually is an imposter named Ida Sessions who has been hired to discredit.

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