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number of toxic chemicals. Effects of Plastic Pollution. It can also get stuck on poles, traffic lights, trees, fences, tower etc. Plus, excess pollution has lead to decreased tourism in affected areas, significantly impacting those economies. Some of the major long-term effects of plastic pollution are: It Upsets the Food Chain, because it comes in sizes large and small, polluting plastics even affect the worlds tiniest organisms such as plankton.

The major contributors to this problem today include: Plain Old Trash. Get Involved Speak to lawmakers and get involved with government on any level, and youll see how many special interest groups have made it so that we are dependent on plastic without needing. This not only kills and harms local wildlife, but also ensures that pollutants enter the water and fish of the area. Thats a lot of plastic! On-the-go lifestyles require easily disposable products, such as soda cans or bottles of water, but the accumulation of these products has led to increasing amounts of plastic pollution around the world. Many companies now sell reusable water bottles as a substitute, reducing plastic waste and exposure to leaking bottles.

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Introduction Nuclear energy represents only 15 of the electricity produced worldwide.
Our first assignment was to write a short response paper to the Albert Camus essay The Myth of Sisyphus.

It Kills Animals Despite countless TV ads over the years showing ducks or dolphins trapped in six-ring plastic can holders, these items are still used and discarded en masse each day. Think the coffee shops drink cup is paper? Carry a bag and always reuse plastic bags as much as possible if you have them. Often this includes killing plant life and posing dangers to local animals. Most of the litter and pollution affecting the worlds oceans also derives from plastics. Plastic is everywhere, even on those items you may not expect it. It is Overused, as plastic is less expensive, it is one of the most widely available and overused item in the world today. Disposing of Plastic and Garbage, this may sound a bit confusing, but because plastic is meant to last, it is nearly impossible to break down. Even recycling linkedin writing service uk doesnt cut down on plastic, as it essentially uses the existing plastic, albeit in a new form. When disposed, it does not decompose easily and pollutes the land or air nearby when burned in the open air.

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