can you write haha in an essay

chats, and texts, Ive become a big haha-er. The ha is transparent, like said. Yes, it was, she said. In a sense, LOL works purpose of life college essay in english much in the same way emoticons and emoji do : when people send a smiley face, they may not actually be smiling; they simply want to convey that theyre feeling happy. Thats how I e-laugh. Theyre heh-hehing to professors who hear hee-heeing; theyre being conspiratorial with fortysomethings confused by the terms of the conspiracy. If I say something hilarious and I get one ha, its a real kick in the teeth. (I dont think its heh as in hepatitis.) A writer and professor visiting the office said that his students use it, perplexing him. But French also has a more delightful acronym: The French equivalent of LOL is MDR, which means "mort de rire or "dying of laughter.". But Im learning to read it as good, he said.

Some of my friends are above itthey dont ha much or at all, which makes me self-conscious. Her friend thinks of it as a more covert laugh and pronounces it heh heh, and said that it can be evil or private and shared. More than three has are where joy takes flight. Haha appears in Chaucer 300 years later, while ha, ha, he can be found in the works of Shakespeare.

Lets start with the fundamentals. Icelandic: haha, hehe, hh, same. Think I've used most methods.

The evolution of LOL, words like haha and hehe have traditionally been used to represent actual laughter in text, whether in response to a joke or to indicate nervousness or awkwardness. It's fine if you don't write a lot of dialogue - otherwise it's the worst advice possible. Laughter rendered in letters and numbers and characters - laughter that transcends language but also, online, utterly relies. If he senses that theres a small amount of awkwardness in the exchange, he uses hehehe to dissolve it or to inoculate both parties against. Unless its heh as in hepatitis? "A bug turning into a robot isn't funny.

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can you write haha in an essay

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