what does elaboration mean in an essay

cases, towards the latter half of the essay. "What is the best way to reinforce the main idea of your essay? Analyze the information to be elaborated upon and consider learner needs and abilities. Your decision to include other primary patterns depends on your purpose and audience. An essay that is sufficient, however, is only halfway complete. Therefore, you must include enough supporting information or evidence in each paragraph to make your readers understand your topic sentence. White, LifeWriting: Drawing from Personal Experience to Create Features You Can Publish.

What does elaboration mean in an essay
what does elaboration mean in an essay

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When considering this in terms of expository writing, sufficiency is more than just stating your purpose or persuading your audience; it also means that credible and accurate points are made. Guide discussion about the information to formulate effective elaboration (ex. It is here that it is important to stress research skills. This is primarily because in order to maintain the focus of an argument, the argument has to be inherently clear. When looking for information, you need to be able to find enough of it and find stuff that is relevant. The elaboration of narrative essays also requires description of actions, physical states or internal states. Show More, online Etymology Dictionary, 2010 Douglas Harper elaboration in Medicine elaboration (-lb-rshn).