uc application creative side essay

If you used creativity to solve a problem, what was your solution? It also could simply be an experience that had a meaningful impact on how you see the world. Try to identify one particularly interesting time you used your creativity to solve or handle a problem, or come up with three different examples of times you used your creativity in various areas.

To make sure you cover what they want, the UC provided an additional. My personal opinion is that writing about the educational barrier would produce a more interesting essay since it will have a storyline. For example, participation in an honors or academic enrichment program, or enrollment in an academy thats geared toward an occupation or a major, or taking advanced courses that interest you just to name a few. From UC Admissions: Feel free to speak about either an opportunity or a barrier. As the prompt explains, creativity can be used in solving problems, as well in all types of thinking. Its OK if youve experienced one and not the other. If you know what you want to study in college, I would seriously consider writing about UC essay prompt.

Prompt 8 of the new. UC, personal Insight Questions is pretty open-ended and therefore it can be a bit difficult to come up with a topic. However, its actually a really solid.

Heres what they included with UC essay prompt 2: Things to consider: What does creativity mean to you? End with how you plan to use what you learned in the future. Its all about ideas, and how you get them and use them. Do you have a passion for music, theater, visual art, dance, etc? So focus on what you learned about yourself, others and the worldeven if what happened wasnt the most unique experience. Describe how you express your creative side. Start by brainstorming some specific examples of times you were creative. Was there ever a problem where your imagination and intuition guided you to the solution?

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