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role of God. Due to this information, it can be implied that Miltons gradual loss of sight was a source of inspiration for this sonnet and that Milton is the speaker of the poem. Continuous as the stars that shine And twinkle on the milky way, They stretched in never-ending line Along the margin of a bay: Ten thousand saw I at a glance, Tossing their heads in sprightly dance The waves beside them danced; but they Outdid the. The phrase cold command portrays him as a militaristic leader that has seen more death and destruction than a whole army and has come to realize that even he is not able to compete with the Almighty. tags: emotion, nature, beauty Better Essays 643 words (1.8 pages) Preview - Personification has been used by many poet, authors, and writers alike to catch the attention of their audience by drawing a comparison. The article on "Saddam" is much of the same as his legacy is literally been torn down in the form of his statue. tags: god, Ozymandia, victor Better Essays 609 words (1.7 pages) Preview - Nothing is everlasting. "Mocked" is particularly well worth noting, since it is one of two words which directly relate how Ozymandias, treated his subjects. Meeting a Traveler from an antique land sound like he is trying to say this time of the poem is way before his and that of the audience.

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Perhaps you should slow down and enjoy the present. In the 14-line poem, "Ozymandias" by PB Shelley, Shelley chooses the greatest setting for utter despair in using a desert. Free Essays 398 words (1.1 pages preview - Power and Despair in Ozymandias To despair is one of the strongest emotions that Freud's id could possibly produce. The poem describes a sobering image to the reader. Shelley describes the hand of Ozymandias, which mocked, and his heart, which fed. The power of nature is well represented by this part of the poem also. Shelley, like his other two comrades, died at a young age, as they lived fast and hard.   tags: poetry, mood, permanency Better Essays 645 words (1.8 pages) Preview - Poets Louise Gluck and Percy Bysshe Shelley use symbols and poetic techniques to convey themes of human experience such as death and haunting memories.

The poem also works on another level, howeveras a essay on the environmental pollution candid, poignant confession by the artist that his work is also ephemeral, and that as style, manner, and fashion change, so do reputation and honor. At that time, for Europeans, places like Egypt were considered exotic and that adds to the popularity of the sonnet at the time. Yet, as Percy Shelly writes, the works, due to the sands of time, have vanished of that colossal wreck the long and level sands stretch far away (13-14). This new generation of poets flouted tradition, inventing their own vocabularies, subject matters, and poetic form, and generally laboring to raise the poets consciousness of his own imagination to an unprecedented level. Which yet survive, stampd on these lifeless things, The hand that mockd them and the heart that fed. Stand in the desert. Powerful Essays, term Papers - The Superego Behind the Id in Ozymandias "Ozymandias" written by Percy Shelley, represents the psychological forces of the id as well as the superego, as a charceter in a poem, and as a poetic work. This one line sums up the metaphysical aspects of Ozymandias' character, both described and implied. It seems that Christina Rossetti sees death as the end, whereas William Wordsworth who wrote "We are Seven" has the attitude that love carries on and is remembered after death. Shelley also puts across the idea of despair superbly through delicate and subtle use of diction. Shelleys words lifeless, decay, and wreck apply not only to the statue the author is describing but also to the sculptor of the statue.

The message or theme of the poem of Ozymandias is that man is insignificant and his efforts are vain when compared to the forces of time and nature.
Shelly expertly uses diction in the poem to portray important ideas.
Ozymandias did however leave a mark on the world but in time even that too will be overcome by the relentless forces of Nature and time that is God.
In conclusion, the main themes of the poem are nicely summed up in mans insignificance to time and nature.
Discussion of themes and motifs in Percy Bysshe Shelley.