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I lamented above.11 Habermas has written on ideological suppression of needs and distorted communication for over 30 years. Richardson; difference as a resource for democratic communication, Iris Marion Young; procedure and substance in deliberative democracy, Joshua Cohen. Christopher McMahon Ethics 109 (3 648-650.

Deliberative Democracy: Essays on Reason and Politics.
James Bohman, William Rehg.
MIT Press, 1997 - Political Science - 447 pages.
The contributions in this anthology address tensions that arise between reason and politics in a democracy inspired by the ideal of achieving reasoned.
Cambridge: MIT Press, 1997.

Michelman; beyond fairness and deliberation - the epistemic dimension of democratic authority, David Estlund; reason, justification and consensus - why democracy can't have it all, Gerald. Press, 1975 Part III,. Different theories have different views of what is allowed in deliberation and what deliberation. This view assumes that we can know beforehand,.e. A critique of deliberative democracy, Frank.

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