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Public History. . Any tenured or tenure track (full time) faculty member who is teaching a large lecture course (99 or more students enrolled). It is advisable for the student to maintain a personal file of transcripts and other evidence of grades and achievements, and to have these documents available whenever seeking advisement. Specific deadlines are listed each semester on the Graduate Studies Office website. Some examples include, but are not limited to: attending course lectures, presenting lectures, holding office hours, proctoring exams, providing research assistance, and performing individual and/or group tutoring. Please attach your approved (by your chair) thesis proposal to this form and give it Tammy Fletcher in the front office. One-on-one appointments are available. The last date to file the application is listed in the Registration Guide for each regular semester and is posted on the Graduate Studies Office website. This should not just be a summary; you should develop a critical and clear analysis that highlights thematically the main arguments in your field. Arrangements for cap, gown and hood purchase are made in the campus bookstore, Titan Shops. A fee is required to change the graduation date. Those employees excluded from health, dental, vision, forensic essay and life insurance benefits include Graduate Assistants and Instructional Student Assistants.

Thesis Writing Group, for graduate students currently working on their thesis and thesis proposal, thesis writing group is to support and help you write and keep writing. The dissertation, doctoral project or thesis submitted to the Graduate Studies Office for review may be photocopied or printed on plain, unlined, white paper; however, the title/approval page should be on the correct paper stock. You must submit your thesis manuscript (this submission is now online so you will submit an electronic copy) and the signed/approved Thesis/Dissertation Verification form (the original signed hard copy) to the Office of Graduate Studies by the deadline. Alternately, let us know if you have any academic awards or honors. Abstract, write a 120 word (or less) comprehensive summary of the contents of the. Items (2 (3) and (4) must be mailed directly to: Graduate Coordinator, cSUF Department of History 800. Every topic should have implications for your research (this is not a broad survey but a focused one that sets up your research objectives). Students will remain on administrative-academic probation contingent upon conditions required for their continuing in the program. For doctoral degree students, if a grade less than B- (2.7) is received in a Study Plan course, the course must be repeated and passed with a grade of B- (2.7) or better.

Electronic signatures or copies will not be accepted. For quantitative studies, you should include at the end of this section the main hypotheses generated by your consideration of the literature that will guide your data. Students are required to write a doctoral project and complete an oral defense. Graduate assistant work hours vary.

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