egypt and mesopotamia comparison essay

land along the river which Egyptians used to plant and grow things such as fruits and vegetables (Gill, 29). The Mesopotamians view of gods as uncaring was most likely due to capricious nature of their rivers. "Ancient Egypts Comparison with Mesopotamia.". Flood played a big role in farming and growing crops in Egypt. Geography, flooding seasons, different farming tools, and methods led Egypt to have a better agriculture system than Egypt.

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The Egyptians and Mesopotamians were major agricultural civilizations.
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These cultural differences can be explained partly by geography: Mesopotamians lacked access to the great stones that Egyptians could import.

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Ancient Egyptians had an easier life compared to the other ancient civilizations because of their reliable agriculture system. Let me help you. Jenny Di Bowler 5th Period AP World History Comparative Essay 07 September 2010 The geography of Egypt and Mesopotamia helped shaped their economies, social structures, and religions. Unlike Egypt, Mesopotamia was overwhelmed with a large amount of silt. On the contrary, growing crops verlag publication dissertation were more difficult for Mesopotamians because of the difference in geography. "Ancient Egypts Comparison with Mesopotamia." All Answers Ltd. Farmers had no prediction when it was going to flood, which gave the farmers hard times finding the right season to farm. Both h The economies of the two different civilizations were very similar because they both depended heavily on agriculture. On the other land, Mesopotamia had hard time with their economy because of their geography.

Cows would pull plow seed and the seeds would go into the ground (Louis, and Jennifer). While specific achievements in science differed, there was a common emphasis on astronomy and related mathematics, which produced durable findings about units of time and measurement. Also, there were many farming methods and tools which led them to grow more crops, and no longer had to do hand harvested crops. The consistent cycle of floods in the Nile brought bountiful harvests.