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one ahead of time. . One can make the walk deeper by taking larger steps or swinging the arms further forward and back. The muscles can be loose and relaxed or tense and constricted. A movement can be made wider or narrower, higher or lower, deeper or shallower. . (Think of the difference between a downcast person walking about staring at the floor and a proud, happy person striding about with his chin.) Back to top. Change the size of the movement. Now everyone walk as wide as you can!" etc.).

One can make the walk wider or narrower by widening or narrowing the stance and swinging the arms further away or closer to the body. . (For example, in certain ways "proud" and "angry" tend in most groups to look a lot alike. . To begin with, I say, "Be as happy as you can! .

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At the Center, we teach arts and cultural professionals how to leverage opportunities, overcome challenges, and take their practices to the next level. Change the weight of the movement. I list them below, but in the lesson I generally introduce them one at a time, with time for discussion, etc. We repeat this with other volunteers and other emotions-angry, proud, sad, afraid, etc. . If my volunteer's version of "happy" doesn't conform to my expectations, and if when I coach him to match them the group feels he no longer looks happy, then I describe what he did, not what I think he should have done. Read more, previous, next, the WRC conducts independent, in-depth investigations; issues public reports on factories producing for major brands; and aids workers at these factories in their efforts to end labor abuses and defend their workplace rights. I have a defined "acting space" in my classroom-a large open area-and I tell the students they must remain inside this area all the time. . Matt Buchanan Back to top.

Change the tension of the movement. (When my students are sophisticated enough to grasp it, I include time in the size category-as the "fourth" dimension.). For this second part of the lesson we confine ourselves only to walking. . Look, class, at how much happier he looks now! "Is he walking high or low?"  "Wide or narrow?"  "Are his muscles tense or loose?"  "Is he walking fast or slow?"  Gradually we build up a sense of what "happy" looks like-at least for that person. . This part of the lesson is about body language, and how the way we move expresses our personality and our mood. . Change the focus of the movement.

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