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in the early 1950s. That is well and good. But it is 38 billion rather than 350. I want to thank all the panelists for your testimony. There are markets that we operate in that apartment owners are facing significant losses, vacancies are high, and occupancies are down and rents are down. I don't think the rescission or recapturing or avoiding recaptures solves the problems that vouchers cannot be used in all communities. First, the choice-based nature of the program should be preserved. Liu, you know that is a bit disingenuous as an answer, because you have not added new housing vouchers, unlike previous administrations, but more importantly what you are saying is you are obligated by law to pay the rent for a certain number of vouchers. Hernandez, one of the things that.

Essay on Housing Vouchers: More Than a Housing Solution Bartleby
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55 percent of participants are families with children, many should research papers be written in first person of them headed by a single parent, most often a single mother. It is about assisting people and do we want to continue with the Federal commitment of assisting low-income working families and elderly and disabled persons in our country. But that doesn't mean that some things aren't, I don't want to say maybe two broken legs, but maybe a broken arm along the line. The program, first of all, would have to be used for a tenant-based program. With both of us having served in Jefferson City, how would you envision this program-this block grant being administered out of Jefferson City, the State capital of Missouri? A block grant and state administration of Section 8 can set the stage for a period of housing policy innovation, much as we saw state governments experiment, many successfully, for instance HHS Secretary Thompson in Wisconsin when he was Governor there, with welfare-to-work programs. While the concept of the program remains sound, the program has often been criticized for its inefficiency. The other thing is, these are block grants going down to States, many States of which have constitutional amendments to have balanced budgets, which means quite frankly that if those funds are not dedicated, the only way they can be dedicated is to come with. For all these reasons, clpha strongly encourages Congress to reject the proposal to block grant Section 8 rental vouchers to the States and, instead, please encourage HUD to grant more flexibility to housing authorities administering the Section 8 program so that we can better address. But we-the inspections, again, we made some determinations on the housing quality standards. And I thank you for the time. Statement OF barbara.

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what is section 8 essay

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