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as a second author on one edgework critical essays in knowledge and politics of their papers. Dutch academic system, only full professors ( hoogleraren ) may chair doctoral examinations, so students who have been advised by lower-ranked faculty members will have a full professor as their official advisor (or promotor ) and their actual advisor as co-promotor. When it comes to addressing your supervisor, youll probably find that most prefer to keep things informal. Which journals to keep an eye. I was stunned, shocked, dismayed, heartbroken. Being taught You can learn a lot from your supervisor during a PhD. Emeritii are old.

They are the evidence that you are a productive scholar, an original thinker, an active member of your scholarly community, and finally a person who can produce the kind of work necessary for your eventual tenure case. . These will normally include meeting to discuss your work, reading drafts and being available to respond emails and other forms of contact within a reasonable timeframe. If youre suggesting a topic or approach that has been undertaken before, they should be able to alert you to that.

But over the years I learned a lot about what makes advisors good, bad, excellent, and terrible. This wont normally extend to immediate feedback on impromptu chapter drafts sent over at 3AM on a Monday morning, but you can expect a response to questions or ideas emailed during office hours. Your supervisor may also take responsibility for any formal record keeping associated with meetings (though that doesnt mean you wont have any paperwork of your own to fill out). Most supervisors will probably prefer not to be referred to as dude or mate. Youll also have the freedom to set up a schedule (and venue) that works for the two of you. If anything, your supervisor understands that better than you. Its important to be aware of this and not to rely on your supervisor to understand your project for you. Then include that email when you submit the next set of revisions, and be ready to whip it out if you find the advisor contradicting it some time later. This means there are some limits to the input you should expect from your supervisor. They should also be able to offer advice on a more ad hoc basis.

Unless otherwise established by your institution, your supervisors main commitment is to your PhD. Youll normally discuss feedback at supervisions, with the chance to go through your supervisors comments in person. In all cases, its your job to stay in touch with your supervisor and keep them updated with your progress. Will they have expectations of you? Sticking to deadlines Another obvious example, but perhaps not for the most obvious reason. This could be a corner of the lab, your supervisors office or even just a coffee shop on campus. Ultimately, your supervisor will seek to be professional as well as supportive. This doesnt mean that you cant miss a single target or ever fall behind with your thesis.

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