phd thesis on maximum power point tracking

daily and seasonally variations in the climatic conditions, including solar irradiance, wind speed, temperature, and so forth. Abdullah, Fuzzy Logic Control of a Magnetic Ball System, The Second International Conference on Control, Instrumentation and Mechatronic Engineering (CIM09 Malacca, Malaysia, June 2-3, 2009, Pages: 368-372). Vmpp k1 Voc where k1 is a constant of proportionality. If _P is negative, we are going away from the direction of MPP and the sign of perturbation supplied has to be changed. Rapid fluctuation of the shading pattern makes maximum power point (MPP) tracking difficult; generally, there will exist multiple local MPPs, and their values will change as rapidly as does the illumination5. Ieee Applied Power Electronics Colloquium (iapec 2011. According to Maximum Power Transfer theorem, the power output of a circuit is maximum when the Thevenin impedance of the circuit (source impedance) matches with the load impedance.

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The model of the solar cell can br realized by an equivalent circuit that consist of a current source in parallel with a diode. Worldwide, 1000 times more energy reaches the surface of the earth from the sun than is released today by all fossil fuels consumed. Our totally free Ask an Expert Service allows users to get an answer of up to 300 words to any academic question. Maximum power point tracking (mppt the common inherent drawback of wind and photovoltaic systems are their intermittent natures that make them unreliable. Ishaq, Controller Design for a Pilot-Scale Heating and Ventilation System using Fuzzy Logic Approach, Jurnal Teknologi, 54 (Sains and Kejuruteraan Special Issue, January 2011, page 123-139. Perturb Observe (PO) is the simplest method. ( IF:.16 ). Shareef, A simplified intelligent controller for ball and beam system. Two dc-dc buck boost converters are employed for maximum power point tracking (mppt) and dc output voltage regulation for each subsystem ofWEC and. In the usual series-connected wiring scheme, the residual energy generated by partially shaded cells cannot be collected. Series resistance is due to hindrance in the path of flow of electrons from n to p junction and parallel resistance is due to the leakage The paper presents a utility interactive hybrid WEC/PV power system with mppt and dc bus voltage regulation.