can cell phones be educational tools essay

in which Paly can improve our education system, and resources which could be better utilized. Other new mobile applications include a tool called noah that lets you take cellphone pictures of bugs and trees and then sends back an identification of the exact type in as little as 24 hours and one that provides a similar service for historical landmarks. In addition to this, teachers can use quiz games, like Kahoot!, to test how much of the lecture students understood and to incentivize them to pay attention and learn the material. The electronics can then be used to further research in class, and even for assignments since there are websites that can be used to turn in worksheets. The way our school system is currently configured, cell phones have no place. Moreover, phones can be used during lecture to ensure that students are staying engaged. Questions about issues in the news for students 13 and older. Google Drive is another application that is used by many students to write essays, create PowerPoints, or videos.

But it doesnt have to be that way. Cellphones can be educational tools because if our computers are not working or not available at the moment we can always use our cellphones for educational purposes.

Please use only your first name. He also wants enrollment system thesis chapter 3 teachers trained and using the internet in the classroom. Another way phones can be used in class is with music. Using these tactics, Palo Alto High School can help revolutionize the way cell phones are used in academia and simultaneously create a world where students are able to learn to be responsible and differentiate between when it is appropriate or inappropriate to use their phone, a skill. Cell phones are given a bad rap, deemed to be objects that can do nothing but harm to a students educational endeavors. With all of those things combined, cell phones in class can stir away from being a distraction and being frowned upon, and can be used for good. Cellphones consist of having lots of educational applications that can help us grow more knowledge. The network is strongly interested in mobile devices: Anytime-anywhere-anyhow learning is how its co-founder, Diana Rhoten, describes. They would essentially be given the option to succeed or fail based on whether or not they are able to control their urge to go off task. Smartphones were used at home for school work by 39 of 11 to 14 year olds.

Cell phones cannot be educational tools

can cell phones be educational tools essay

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