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weird behavior. At first Edna settles into her usual routine, receiving callers on Tuesday afternoons and accompanying her husband to plays and musical events on other nights. While he is sitting with his eyes closed, Edna gives him a kiss, to which he passionately responds. Adele is someone that Edna thinks of as naturally maternal: she loves babies, her hubby, and knitting. They start to talk it out, but a message arrives that Adele (Edna's pregnant, motherly BFF) is delivering her baby. Edna enjoys her new abode: it makes her feel free from the usual social constraints. Edna's miffed that he didn't tell her about his impending vacay plansand, what's more, she gets pretty depressed by his absence. She realizes that she is not content to be simply a wife and a mother, and she begins to assert herself to her husband. In fact, Robert says he wants to marry her. (Yowza.) Out of seemingly nowhere, however, Robert leaves for an extended trip to Mexico.

Sadly, however, she finds Robert gone forever. The Pontelliers return to the city, where Lence busies himself with making money and purchasing extravagant possessions for their home on Esplanade Street. Soon, however, she stops taking callers, much to her husband's displeasure. She starts acting in a way her husband thinks of as deeply oddinstead of doing housework, she starts painting obsessively, and instead of taking visitors like a respectable housewife, she goes to the house of a mildly eccentric woman to hear her play the piano. And it seems shocking. This confuses her a bit.

Several of Chopin s characters liken Edna s behavior to the carelessness. Throughout The Awakening, Chopin s characters disappoint their sons and. See a complete list of the characters in The Awakening and in-depth analyses.

The two spend almost all their time together, and Edna greatly enjoys his company, especially since her husband is generally preoccupied with business. Once Robert starts talking about wedding bells, Edna panics a little. Doctor Mandelet is the Pontellier family physician who is surprisingly perceptive as to the real causes of Ednas strange behaviorhe's pretty sure that her heart is elsewhere. Although Edna is not particularly close to her father, she finds him entertaining and devotes all her energies to him when he is there. The sudden return of Robert throws a spanner in the works. Memories of her childhood flash before her eyes as she slowly drowns.

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