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classified the common is report presents the findings of the National. I think the most important factor that needs to be looked at in our goal to sustainable development is social responsibility. All these are elements of # 8220 ; societal duty # 8221 ;. Should these impediments be remedied, roads will be made safer to a significant degree. Road safety Essay, Research Paper, we Will Write A Custom Essay Sample. Areas of congestion are besides common cardinal locations of route hurts.

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To forestall congestion besides, parking metres should be introduced # 8211 ; non to coerce but to supply a soft reminder that parking on waysides constricts free traffic flow, although where they may hold parked would be legal, it does increase the chance of route. Peoples should besides non let their animate beings to run free in countries of busy roads. Good substructure is a necessity in the country of safe drive. I think compulsory voting in america essay pte the most of import factor that needs to be looked at in our end to sustainable development is societal duty. If the ground for the traffic buildups are determined and fixed, junior-grade route hurts can be therefore avoided. Therefore, if safe drive wonts are non practised on the roads, pattern of these safe wonts in the class which they will necessitate to tediously attend, every clip they are caught piquing the route Torahs, will, by default make those accomplishments accustomed. Sometimes, congestion is caused by avoidable reasons such as too many businesses located in a specific area, or cars which are parked on roadsides preventing free flow of traffic, or even roadside vendors, crowding into streets, blocking vehicles. When a driver is pulled over hence, booklets and brochures on safe drive and route regulations should be issued to them in add-on to the five vitamin E that they would be required to pay.