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is one of the important factors influencing the practices and policies of organisation. All three of these religions have evolved drastically and have left a lasting mark on where India stands right now. Worship or also known as puja in India is done by prayer which includes singing and dancing to the gods. All the major religions of the world, viz.: Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhims, Buddhism and Jainism are found in India. Alongside the warriors and traders came Muslim religious teachers who sought to convert the people of India to Islam, a process facilitated by the 'Hindu tax' imposed on those who refused to embrace the new faith. He can have no dread of this material universal because he tells himself it simply isnt there and means.

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E.g.: In some communities there is no improvement the status of women on account of religious attitudes. It states that physical desires should be sacrificed. In 1975, an Indian movie called Jai Santoshi Maa (Hail to the Mother of Satisfaction) with a small budget, largely unknown cast, cheesy, almost comical special effects, and second-rate sets became a runaway superhit that packed out theatres in large metropolitan areas, as well. Powerful Essays 2314 words (6.6 pages) - It is an established custom in Indian society, to start any activity with the worship of Lord Ganapati, the elephant faced god, considered to be the elder son of Siva. Although Hinduism has a vast array of gods and cultures, most of them practice Hinduism the same way. Sacrifices are also a big part of Hinduism. Originally Yoga appears to have had two functions: one was the acquiring of supernatural or magical powers and the other was to gain direct experience of the divine presence within.

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