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are acting as porters and convert it into honey. Drones possess the largest wings and queens have relatively smaller wings. Duties of Worker Bees: The painstaking observations of Rosch and others have revealed the changing duties of worker bees. In Drones: Testis one pair; each testis is connected by a narrow tube called vas deferens. By the fanning of wings they can also either cool or warm up the hive. A wax moth has a complex and fascinating life cycle before it is able to disturb the honey combs of the bee hives. And because these plants provide food for fauna, you will likely attract a variety of different animal and bird species that will arrive to take shelter in the habitat created for them by the bees.

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On the first tarsal segment, number of stiff bristles called pollen brush are present for removing pollens from the body hairs. The workers start working immediately after coming out of the pupal case, which may be described as below. In drones the abdomen is broad but shorter than the wings, while it is elongated and narrow in the queen. (iii) Legs of Metathorax: Inner part of the first tarsal segment contains pollen combs. The nectar is converted by enzymatic action into honey, which either may be regurgitated into the comb for future use or may be digested. Tibia holds a spur, and first tarsal segment contains a notch, both of which act as antenna cleaner.