gender wage gap essay

the fact that society has yet to master equality between male and females only shows lack of tolerance,. Women throughout history have earned significantly less money than men. The worst part of this inequality is that most people are oblivious to this pay gap; employees are usually prohibited from sharing the amount they are being paid. The human capital model describes results in relation to individual distinctiveness.

Executive Order 11246 requires the government to provide opportunities for minorities and women. Powerful Essays 1531 words (4.4 pages) - Social Interaction Of Interest Throughout the 20th century, there has been a definite difference between men and women and their ashen guy essay median income. Although womens sports took a huge leap forward, women players still dont receive the same financial compensation for playing the same sports in the same arenas as their male counterparts. The five explanations typically cited by economists are segregation, human capital, employer preference, statistical discrimination, and institutional discrimination. I will be looking at all of these factors, drawing out the main points, and decide which factors are the most critical when it comes to determining wages, and/or promotions (occupational advancement) for Black women. Employers may not reduce wages of another employee to equalize the wage. "The Gender Wage Gap Differs by Occupation." ericanprogress. It exists when every person shares a common humanity and has equal rights and resources, but that is not the case within the United States in 2016. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2010, women on average earned 81 cents for every dollar men earned, creating concern among scholars, policy makers, and the press, and lingering questions as to cause (2011). The protection of theory marriage states men were the provider and women the keeper.

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