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assessments, oral presentations, group discussions and individual and group work. Word Studies, students will learn how to Research, Reason, Relate and Record specifically assigned principle-based words. To support your student, please consider reviewing your childs homework each night. This will be broken down into paragraphs to be memorized January through May. Personal mission and purpose relating to Gods plan for the individuality of his children. In this course, students will learn the Seven Loves of Literature and how to choose good reading material. Also, please ask your child about any principles he/she may have reasoned and related. For many students, the most challenging part of class is to participate and assess on the significant amount of reasoning, relating, and writing involved. We will use the notebook method for recording.

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Teacher resource students will continue to review and study words which are most commonly used, as well as studying and applying prefixes, suffixes, and Greek Latin roots. For many students, the most challenging part of class is to record all assignments in their best cursive, and stay focused and keep up with the lessons. Sixth graders will be memorizing The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We will be writing across all subjects of the curriculum. Please allow for and help your child find a quiet place for one hour of homework each night. Course Description And Objectives. We will study the author, background, settings, themes, and vocabulary of the following novels: The Childrens Homer, The Bronze Bow, and Men of Iron. All of our learning will be principle-based.

Grammar, students will study parts of speech, parts of a sentence, types of sentences, diagramming, editing and mechanics. Students will be able to practice using proper public speaking skills: eye contact, poise, articulation, inflection, and projection throughout their recitations. We will complete word studies, research vocabulary, and complete character charts of the major and supportive characters.  Students will learn how to write 5 paragraph essays for various topics throughout the curriculum, including research and works cited skills.

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