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students simply keep the receipt as a memento. If you have any pages that are rotated to a landscape orientation, the page numbers still need to be in a consistent position throughout the document (as if it were printed and bound). In the past, the faculty advisor was generally a member of the university faculty who had been assigned to the role or who had responded favorably to an invitation to serve as an advisor (Hemwall Trachte, 1999). Emails from co-authors giving permission will be accepted. Where can I receive more information?

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I need a Medical/Compassionate withdrawal - what should I do? With this option, you can file any time before the summer deadline. In exceptional circumstances, changes may be requested by having the chair of your dissertation committee submit a memo to the Associate Dean and sent to Graduate Services: Degrees, 318 Sproul Hall. . After the published drop/add deadline of fall and spring semesters (see academic calendar for these dates Students may withdraw from any class and receive a grade of "W." Classes with alternate beginning or ending dates (such as summer session classes or Session A/B) may have an adjusted withdrawal deadline. Make an appointment with a SMS advisor to officially declare the major: Appointment Scheduler. Assist students in evaluating progress toward established goals. An effective academic advising program also includes components that address training; accountability, evaluation, recognition and reward for college staff involved with any advising responsibility. Note: DO NOT uploaraft. You must complete the Academic Success Plan prior to this appointment.