thank you my parents essay

friends today. I feel like I am covered with a shield and no fear of drowning could come near. On seeing them, it feels very fortunate that I have a loving father and a caring mother. Seeing their child progress in life is the dream in every parents eyes. He is always there for my support. They are the only two people who hold my hands whenever I need their support.

Thank you my parents essay
thank you my parents essay

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And for supporting me in my journey even if it doesnt seem logical at times. Giving me tips on how to dress like a girl, and do my makeup properly. To read more of her work, click here. Mom, thank you for giving me a shoulder to cry on when boys broke my heart, and to let me know that my world wasnt crashing down around me as much as I believed it was at the time. I thank Him for my brother, my good health and, most importantly, for you both. Most of you, including my colleagues, seniors and bosses have seen only the successful part of mine; my parents are the only people who have worked day in and day out to prepare me for the challenges in life. I guess this is why I've always found comfort in writing. You can also see.

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