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agent found a letter written by Dupuy de Lome, the Spanish minister in Washington, which slandered President McKinley. Causes of the Philippine American War. Cuban Independence the war was mainly caused by Cubas struggle for independence. Generin Imperialism Theoore Roose"elt#s - est.or /anhoo an mpire Gail eerman. To avoid a war, in March 1898 McKinley asked that there be a peaceful agreement that Spain no longer act in a hostile manner towards the Cubans and that they close the concentration camps, but Spain only agreed to the latter, forcing himself and Congress. Automatically assumed it was Spain's fault. L an ci"[email protected] race' 1, theoore Roose"elt sa the Spanish; American ar as a t opport nit* to rein"ent himsel.rom Roose"elt, to olonel Roose"elt, the.earless Ro h Rier' Ro h Rier Roose"elt se his ne persona as a moel.

Stren o s an imperialistic manhoo' He mae himsel. Although Spain seemed to be mostly at fault because of the way the articles were written (i.e.: "yellow journalism both sides were practically equally guilty of wrongdoings to each other.

From a position of comparative freedom from entanglements into the position of what is commonly called a world power.
Where formerly we had only commercial.
The Spanish -American War The Spanish -American War had a good many causes.
Cause for war with Spain was the Cuban struggle for independence, American Imperialism was also another factor and the sinking of the Maine was a big factor as well.

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These newspapers printed slanted and sensationalized articles about the war to attract readers. American Imperialism another cause of the war was the US growing imperialism. Cubans were already fighting for independence before the war. The Cubans had been trying unsuccessfully since 1868 to become independent of what they felt was unfair Spanish rule. Rather this was done so that Cubans could not aid or join US forces. These people suffered greatly at the Butcher's hands, and any sympathizers were executed. Got a pequod printing thesis writing question? The NY Journal published a letter from the Spanish Minister to the US, Dupuy de Lome, to Jose Canalejas, a Spanish editor and politician, which contained derogatory references to Pres. Demanded that Spain relinquish its authority and government in Cuba, and gave the president the authority to use land and navel forces to enforce this resolution. But at the time, most Americans were in support of Cuba in these battles for independence and even made clubs and associations.