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Stadium, which was given to the. But that should be only one of the series of conversations that the Olympic movement has. Or as my longtime friend and Rio Olympic Coach Christian Rivera put it: "The controversies facing these Games bring the exact opposite of what we worked our entire lives for.". Submit a letter to the editor or write. When Rio de Janeiro won its bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics back in 2009, the Brazilian government estimated that costs directly related to hosting the games would run just shy of 3 billion. This and so much more is what fencing - and the Olympic Movement more broadly - has given. When countries bid for the games seven years out, its impossible to account for shifting political and economic circumstances, said Kevin Wamsley, academic vice president and provost. Brazil is hosting the Summer Games while dealing with presidential impeachment proceedings and its worst economic crisis since the 1930s. For instance, when London first began preparing its bid for the 2012 Summer Games in the early 2000s, organizers floated a total cost abortion pro life essays of around.3 billion (about.37 billion USD at the time). Officials wanted to restructure the city post-Franco, and hosting the Olympics was seen as a good opportunity to.

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And which ones have turned that promise of progress into something less than successful? While the Olympics didnt cause Brazils current problems, they are a multibillion-dollar burden on a country already struggling to cover basic expenses. Before hosting the Olympics in 1992, Barcelona was a struggling coastal town. To put those cost overruns into perspective, Flyvbjerg and his colleagues compared the Olympics to other megaprojects such as bridges, dams, highways, railway lines and major IT projects. With that in mind, much of the infrastructure expenditure went into improvements and upgrades of existing structures, investments that are still paying off. Join us on m/cnnopinion. For a city and nation to decide to stage the Olympics Games is to decide to take on one of the most costly and financially most risky type of megaprojects that exists, Flyvbjerg and company wrote, something that many cities and nations have learned. Promoters, however, claim that there is a strong benefit that accrues over time connected to the advertising effect of hosting the games.