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June. The P in ihip stands for Plan! Back to Page Index back to top, after sending in our letter of intent, birth certificate and proof of residence, when should I expect a response? No." So, if you had some other convincing proof of age, theoretically that would work. Still, as an act of courtesy and common sense, I strongly recommend that you send the school a copy of your LOI when you send it to the. It might be possible to argue that the paperwork for homeschooled kids be processed "provisionally too.

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Or tax records (listing the child as a dependent, and going back a certain number of years)? Once you've done it for the first year, you can pretty much cut-and-paste for following years. For example I want to change my daughter's music course to piano lessons. See Address for NYC paperwork Back to Page Index / Back to top I am homeschooling my children and I would like to know what exactly are the dates I have to write on the ihip to submit the quarterly reports? Of course, this does not address the issue of kids who do not have birth certificates and maybe never had them. Of course, the style of your narrative assessment is up to you. Laurie Spigel is available for educational consultations. According to the law, you must file an LOI, then an ihip, and four quarterly reports each year, once your child is of compulsory school age and you are homeschooling. But your goal is not necessarily to use a certain textbook, or to have a certain music teacher. 100.10 even if the supplier of the curriculum materials considers the student to be enrolled in its school or program.