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artistic tastes. He recognised that these programs of architectural restoration led to the destruction or major alteration of genuinely old features in order to replace them with "sham old" features, something which appalled him. William Morris was a prolific writer of poetry, fiction, essays, and translations of ancient and medieval texts. Morris also retained an active interest in various groups, joining the Hogarth Club, the Mediaeval Society, and the Corps of Artist Volunteers, the latter being in contrast to his later pacifism. 6 Red Lion Square, they referred to themselves as "the Firm" and were intent on adopting Ruskin's ideas of reforming British attitudes to production. Set in Kent during the Peasants' Revolt of 1381, it contained strong socialist themes although proved popular among those of different ideological viewpoints, resulting in its publication in book form by Reeves and Turner in 1888. Parry, William Morris Textiles,. . Jenny was followed in March 1862 by the birth of their second daughter, Mary "May" Morris. It told the story of socialists who are put on trial in front of a corrupt judge; the tale ends with the prisoners behind freed by a proletariat revolution. In 1877 Morris was approached by Oxford University and offered the largely honorary position of Professor of Poetry.

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449 Oxford Street and obtained new staff who were able to improve its professionalism; as a result, sales increased and its popularity grew. He has been the constant niggle in the conscience. The first of these would be one of Morris' own novels, The Story of the Glittering Plain, which was published in May 1891 and soon sold out. Morgan Carbone has a BA in Art History from Grinnell College. A is a critical essay a reference sourc b c d Faulkner, Peter, "The Writer". Warp threads of worsted or cotton were stretched between two beams. Books A Living History.

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