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consist in the additional provision of the troops (forces) with materiel according to wartime manning levels and norms. When US came up with the plan of deploying its ballistic missile defence in Poland and the Czech Republic, it was vehemently opposed by Russia. THE military doctrine OF THE russian federation. Nevertheless, Russias military policy and power remain a major consideration in Eurasia and its nuclear component retains global significance. Main tasks of the Russian Federation with regard to deterring and preventing military conflicts are: a) to assess and forecast the development of the military and political situation at global and regional levels, as well as the state of interstate relations in the military-political field. The tasks of military-technical cooperation are defined by the President of the Russian Federation in accordance with the federal legislation. The new version repeats much of the language of the old and largely follows the same basic precepts. As Jonathan Eyal succinctly noted in his October 2008 piece on Europe and Russia: A Return to the Past: The Russian military can cause difficulties. The tasks of the development of the defense-industrial complex are: a) to enhance the defense-industrial complex through creating and developing major research and production structures; b) to improve the system of interstate cooperation in the development, production, and maintenance of weapons and military equipment; c). In March 2009 the Russian Defence Minister, acknowledged that most of Russias weaponry was obsolete and old and modern equipment were just 10 of the armys existing capabilities. The main tasks of the Armed Forces, other troops and bodies under the conditions of an imminent threat of aggression are: a) to implement a set of additional measures aimed at reducing the threat of aggression and to increase the level of combat and mobilization. Retrieved from p?vref1 Reference Copied to Clipboard.

The new sections of the doctrine outline the threat Russia sees in natos expansion and military buildup. Russia 's New Military Doctrine Shows Putin's Geopolitical Ambitions. In apparent reference to the missile shield, Defense News translated a part of the Russian military doctrines which states nato is "undermining global stability and violating the balance of power in the nuclear-missile sphere.".

Comment by the Information and Press Department on the terrorist act in Tunisia The media reports that, on June 26, armed terrorists opened fire at tourists on the beach of the Riu Imperial Marhaba and Soviva hotels at the Port El Kantaoui tourist resort. Military policy OF THE russian federation. Military-economic support for the defense. The assertive stance of Russia has forced USA administration to reviewing its missile defence plan, thus Russian Government has also suspended the deployment plans of its Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad. The main tasks related to the development of the military organization are: a) to bring the structure, composition and strength of the components of the military organization in line with their tasks in peacetime, under the conditions of an imminent threat of aggression and. Russia's last doctrine, published in February 2010. The Kremlin also fears its adversaries' use of special forces and foreign organizations.

In its present state the Russian Armed Forces would be able to defend its territories and national interest as in Georgia but at global level certainly they will not be able to formulate a power projection like United States. Since 1949, when Soviet Union tested its first atomic weapon it is recognised as a nuclear state. After this war, Russia made major plans to reform and modernize its armed forces by 2020. The main priorities related to the development of the military organization are: a) to improve the system of management of the military organization and to increase the effectiveness of its functioning; b) to ensure that units, troops and formations of constant readiness are adequately manned.