emerson's essay on plato

place or to an object such as a painting. Having the text 'chunked' with close reading questions for each section, provides students with manageable content and leads them through the essay in a way that elicits understanding beyond the usual. Daguerreotype of Ralph Waldo Emerson, 4 x 5 black-and-white negative, creator unknown. There are in fact multiple paths of coherence through Emerson's philosophy, guided by ideas discussed previously: process, education, self-reliance, and the present. Process is the basis for the succession of moods Emerson describes in Experience, (CW3: 30 and for the emphasis on the present throughout his philosophy. Plato explained that the idea of absolute goodness transcends human description. He wrote about numerous issues including nature, society, conspiracy and freedom. Human labour, through all its forms, from the sharpening of a stake to the construction of a city or an epic, is one immense illustration of the perfect compensation of the universe. These insights, they argued, needed no external verification; the mere fact that they flashed across the mind proved they were true. According to this epistemology, most fully developed in Experience but present in all of Emerson's writing, we never apprehend anything straight or in-itself, but only under an aspect or mood.

He suggests that we should read it with our souls. The aim of education is to keep the child's nature and arm it with knowledge in the very direction in which it points (E: 144). Emerson didnt win any major awards, but he did win the love and appreciation of his readers. It is not for the teacher to choose what the pupil will know and do, but for the pupil to discover his own secret. The scholar finds that the most private and secret of his thoughts turn out to be the most acceptable, most public, and universally true (CW1: 63).

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