begum shaista ikramullah essay in urdu

where heaven and earth meet. Ablution made obligatory in 5th.H. Hazrat Loot was contemporary of Hazarat Ibraheem Abraham remained in fire 40 days.

Smallest Jamarat is Jamarat-al-Sughra. Is located in the State of Arizona. Calcium sulphate The main constituent of hemoglobin is Iron The function of hemoglobin is Prevention of anemia Malaria is a disease which effects the Spleen A person of which of the following blood groups is called a universal donor? Uqba-bin-Nafah is called Muslim Alexander.

What is Autralias largest city? What is the dissertation avec documents only river that flows both north and south of equator The Congo New Zealand is situated in the region of Oceania. The 1st commercially produced and sold computer (1951) was univac. The permanent Secretariat of saarc is established at Kathmandu in Nepal (1987). The number of chromosomes in the spermatozoa is twenty-three The energy possessed by a water fall is kinetic energy.

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