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Firstly, we all know that people cannot keep on working all the time. Based on the survey, the students like to fill their leisure time with face book. This essay will what is portfolio essay discuss on both sides of arguments. I wish, i could stop the clock sometimes and catch my breath. I have been feeling that way recently about my new schedule. Whether he is a government or prviate employ, this is the common situation. To finish the daily course of the duty, they work as machines. In this essay, major reasons and possible solutions will be outlined according to question above. I was a mother, and then, i woke up one morning a college student.

Between going to college, family and my job, I feel like I need to have a few clones of myself to keep everything done because. How long have you been residing in the community? Most of the questions can be answered by placing a tick in the box provided like this: Specific instructions are given where necessary. Resting is significant between working intervals, while mind improving games boost brain development.

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This can be relaxing and build up ones vocabulary at the same time! Dear: This is a survey being carried out in the community on how leisure time is spent by the teenagers in the community. Therefore, they would like to relax during leisure time, so they do not want to do anything within this time. Other people feel that it is important to rest the mind during leisure time. Work and Relaxation by Long (hong kong many people think that nowadays people are being subjected to more and more pressure in their work and thus are having less and less time to relax.

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